On the Organizing Ideas podcast, we take a closer look at the relationships between organizing information and community organizing. We talk to information professionals, activists, and other insightful folks who have thoughts about what we mean when we say, “knowledge is power.”

Because libraries and archives are never neutral.

Note: We are currently recording new episodes, with a tentative plan of coming out of our hiatus in fall 2021. Check out our back episodes for now and come back in future for more.

How to Listen

Find us on your favourite podcast app, or subscribe to our RSS feed. Our episodes are hosted at https://anchor.fm/organizing-ideas.

You can find us on Twitter @OrganizingPod.

Karen and Allison sit side-by-side on a sunny couch, surrounded by hanging patches and posters.
Left: Karen Ng. Right: Allison Jones

Who We Are

Organizing Ideas is hosted by two new librarians/archivist figuring things out as we go. We’re interested in examining power and talking about our experiences and observations of ways in which libraries and archives are never neutral.

Allison Jones

  • they/them/their
  • Systems Librarian at a public library
  • Master of Library and Information Studies (MLIS), 2019
  • Cares about: community-led libraries; digital literacy; social movements history and education
  • BA in Anthropology

Karen Ng

  • she/her/hers
  • @litelbokewyrm / https://ywkarenng.wordpress.com
  • Master of Library and Information Studies (MLIS) & Master of Archival Studies (MAS), 2020
  • Cares about: public service; transnational histories of the book; participatory practices in archival description; reading rooms; reference; and identity formations in special collections
  • BA in English and Medieval Studies


Our cover art is done by our friend Andrea Lukic.

Victoria Gomez and Sam Frederick also volunteer their time to help us with transcribing the audio to the interviews.

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