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Ep 22 – Grassroots Libraries and Care in Community (Pre-BCLA Chat) with Y Vy Truong, Rachel Lau, and Avi Grundner

** This episode was recorded on March 12, 2020 before UBC Library, where we were recording, was closed to the public, and we were all encouraged to stay home and physically distance from one another. **

In preparation for the now-cancelled British Columbia Library Association (BCLA) 2020 conference, Karen sat down with Y Vy Truong, Rachel Lau, and Avi Grundner to talk about expectations and ideas for their discussion panel, titled “Collections in Social Movements: Grassroots Libraries in Marginalized Communities.”

Our guests:

• Y Vy Truong – @YVyTruong / @josspaperlib
• Rachel Lau – @racholau / @queer_reads_library
• Avi Grundner – @avi_ouslyy / @OutOnTheShelves

Listen here:—Grassroots-Libraries-and-Care-in-Community-Pre-BCLA-Chat-with-Y-Vy-Truong–Rachel-Lau–and-Avi-Grundner-ec2pei

Read along with the transcript:

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