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For the first time, Organizing Ideas has capacity to welcome a new member to our team! We’re looking for a student (probably in library school, but not necessarily!) to help with the podcast and learn alongside us if you can do it for credit at school. Sadly, we run on $0 so cannot pay someone to join us. Please read on to find out what this could encompass.

Note: This proposal is based on the model of a “professional experience” as it is offered at UBC’s iSchool. Basically, it means an approximately 120 hour, unpaid project that students do with the guidance of a professional librarian/archivist. Students do the professional experience through the school, and get credit for completing it. If you have a different model for something like this at your school, get in touch and let’s discuss if we can make it work.


In the summer of 2019, Allison Jones (MLIS 2019) and Karen Ng (MAS, MLIS 2020) launched Organizing Ideas, a podcast that takes a closer look at the relationships between organizing information and community organizing. Episodes focus on interviews with librarians, archivists, information professionals, activists, and other insightful folks.

Purpose of the project

The purpose of this project is to provide a student with the opportunity to learn technical skills related to podcast/audio production, metadata management, interviewing, and digital marketing. It is also an opportunity for a student to engage in identifying, discussing, and shaping current issues related to community-led work in the information professions. It’s also a chance for us to have some support with the podcast, which we create in our free time, free of charge.

Summary of activities required to carry out the project

We are seeking a student to help with a combination of the following:

  • Audio editing
  • Transcription
  • Website maintenance, clean-up, and improvement
  • Metadata creation and clean-up
  • Organizing and facilitating interviews
  • Social media 

Expectations of the end result of the project, for both host and student

At the end of the project, the student will

  • be confident in podcast production, including planning, scheduling, recording, editing, transcription, and marketing,
  • have practical experience researching and creating metadata standards and protocols for a podcast and website,
  • shape episode content and topics based on their interests and knowledge of current issues in the information field, and
  • may record one or more episodes as the interviewer or interviewee, depending on their interest and discussion with the Organizing Ideas team.

The Organizing Ideas team will have clear guidelines to follow to maintain the standards developed by the student (ex. for episode metadata and website maintenance) after their placement ends. They will also have around six (assuming a 12-week placement) ready-to-release episodes created in collaboration with the student. 

Is there a deadline by which the project must be completed?

No. We can accommodate students’ desired timelines.

Relevant coursework 

Note, these examples are drawn from the UBC iSchool course list — we’re open to alternatives/equivalents from other programs, depending on what you are studying. Get in touch and let’s discuss if you have other experience or ideas.

Possible prerequisite — one of: 

LIBR 509: Foundations of Resource Description and Knowledge Organization

ARST 515: Arrangement and Description of Archives 

Possible co-requisites: 

ARST 556L / LIBR 514L: Metadata

LIBR 570: Marketing in Information Organizations

ARST 550: Management of Audio-Visual and Non-textual Archives

LIBR 565: Progressive and Radical Information Work

ARST 555: The Preservation of Digital Records

LIBR 548X: Social Media and Digital Outreach


Get in touch with us at organizingideaspod@gmail.com.

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