Ep 32 – Precarious Work and Knowledge Mobilization with Ted Lee and Ean Henninger at Keeping it ReAL

We welcome back our guests Ted Lee and Ean Henninger from Episode 3 of the podcast to talk about precarious work and knowledge mobilization. We discuss questions and qualms we have about knowledge mobilization, how precarious work makes knowledge mobilization difficult, the power of union organizing, and how COVID-19 has affected precarity! This episode was... Continue Reading →

Ep 31 – Library Power Structures with Baharak Yousefi

We sit down with Baharak Yousefi to talk about being a good library boss, the joy and generosity of library Twitter, and the responsibilities of academic freedom... but mostly we talk about power, intersectionality, and anti-oppression. It’s a good one, folks! Listen to the episode. Follow Baharak on Twitter @BaharakY Read along with the transcript:... Continue Reading →

Ep 25 – Community-Led Teen Librarianship with Ariel Caldwell

We talk with Ariel Caldwell, a Teen Services Librarian at Vancouver Public Library, about teen librarianship, community-led work, juggling 5 calendars, using improv to navigate power dynamics, intergenerational programming, and creating fun! You can reach Ariel at ariel.caldwell [at] vpl [dot] ca. Read along with the transcript: https://tinyurl.com/yckbpmzh Listen to the episode: https://anchor.fm/organizing-ideas/episodes/Ep-25---Community-Led-Teen-Librarianship-with-Ariel-Caldwell-ed0c9t The cover... Continue Reading →

Ep 18 – Public History with Krista McCracken

We chat with Krista McCracken about public history, colonialism and archives, how slooooowww archives are to change (and why there’s so much resistance to challenging power structures!), and embroidery as a form of feminist resistance. Listen here; Read along with the transcript: https://docs.google.com/document/d/14Wp9p0cEGJHhm2fCntrsTcC552vgOfxqxTYzw-HiHSI/edit?usp=sharing Check out Krista’s blog and follow them on Twitter @KristaMcCracken. The cover... Continue Reading →

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