Ep 26 – Books and Feelings in the Time of COVID-19

Episode 26, in which Karen and Allison talk about their feelings during the midst of COVID-19, and books they’ve been reading and shows they’ve been watching in 2020 so far. Listen to the audio here: https://anchor.fm/organizing-ideas/episodes/Ep-26---Books-and-Feelings-in-the-Time-of-COVID-19-ed9ihc Read along with the transcript: https://tinyurl.com/y7nx8brh The cover art is done by our friend Andrea Lukic. You can reach... Continue Reading →

Ep 25 – Community-Led Teen Librarianship with Ariel Caldwell

We talk with Ariel Caldwell, a Teen Services Librarian at Vancouver Public Library, about teen librarianship, community-led work, juggling 5 calendars, using improv to navigate power dynamics, intergenerational programming, and creating fun! You can reach Ariel at ariel.caldwell [at] vpl [dot] ca. Read along with the transcript: https://tinyurl.com/yckbpmzh Listen to the episode: https://anchor.fm/organizing-ideas/episodes/Ep-25---Community-Led-Teen-Librarianship-with-Ariel-Caldwell-ed0c9t The cover... Continue Reading →

Ep 24 – Libraries, “Democracy”, and Intellectual Freedom with Sam Popowich

In anticipation of the (now cancelled) British Columbia Library Association 2020 conference on “Libraries, Democracy, and Action,” Sam Popowich, author of Confronting the Democratic Discourse of Librarianship: A Marxist Approach, talks about intellectual freedom and what democracy means in libraries. Follow Sam on Twitter @redlibrarian  Listen to the episode here. Read along with the transcript:... Continue Reading →

Ep 21 – (Elementary) Teacher Librarianship and Inquiry-Based Learning with Elaine Su

Throw out the whole book! In this episode we chat with Elaine Su, an elementary school teacher librarian and advocate for youth voices, about inquiry-based learning and education practices and reform—and what she means by throwing the whole book out.  Listen to the episode here: https://anchor.fm/organizing-ideas/episodes/Ep-21---Elementary-Teacher-Librarianship-and-Inquiry-Based-Learning-with-Elaine-Su-ebbghm Follow Elaine on Twitter @elainesoup Read along with the... Continue Reading →

Ep 18 – Public History with Krista McCracken

We chat with Krista McCracken about public history, colonialism and archives, how slooooowww archives are to change (and why there’s so much resistance to challenging power structures!), and embroidery as a form of feminist resistance. Listen here; Read along with the transcript: https://docs.google.com/document/d/14Wp9p0cEGJHhm2fCntrsTcC552vgOfxqxTYzw-HiHSI/edit?usp=sharing Check out Krista’s blog and follow them on Twitter @KristaMcCracken. The cover... Continue Reading →

Ep 17 – Digital Privacy, Information Literacy, and the Library Freedom Institute with Symphony Bruce

Symphony Bruce, Resident Librarian at American University Library, shares her experience with the Library Freedom Institute, and talks to us about information literacy, digital privacy and safety, and how information is empowerment. Listen to the episode here: https://anchor.fm/organizing-ideas/episodes/Ep-17---Digital-Privacy--Information-Literacy--and-the-Library-Freedom-Institute-with-Symphony-Bruce-eacg03 Follow Symphony on Twitter @curlsinthelib Read along with the transcript (links to resources included): https://tinyurl.com/t4znf6f  The cover... Continue Reading →

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