Ep 25 – Community-Led Teen Librarianship with Ariel Caldwell

We talk with Ariel Caldwell, a Teen Services Librarian at Vancouver Public Library, about teen librarianship, community-led work, juggling 5 calendars, using improv to navigate power dynamics, intergenerational programming, and creating fun! You can reach Ariel at ariel.caldwell [at] vpl [dot] ca. Read along with the transcript: https://tinyurl.com/yckbpmzh Listen to the episode: https://anchor.fm/organizing-ideas/episodes/Ep-25---Community-Led-Teen-Librarianship-with-Ariel-Caldwell-ed0c9t The cover... Continue Reading →

Ep 22 – Grassroots Libraries and Care in Community (Pre-BCLA Chat) with Y Vy Truong, Rachel Lau, and Avi Grundner

** This episode was recorded on March 12, 2020 before UBC Library, where we were recording, was closed to the public, and we were all encouraged to stay home and physically distance from one another. ** In preparation for the now-cancelled British Columbia Library Association (BCLA) 2020 conference, Karen sat down with Y Vy Truong,... Continue Reading →

Ep 16 – Archival Theory Through Participation, Solidarity, and Social Justice with Lara Maestro

Lara Maestro talks about knowledge-keeping practices and living archives in the Philippines from her thesis, “Alternative Becomings, Alternative Belongings: Cordillera Case Studies of Records in Context,” and the values and framework that guided her work, which include participation, solidarity, and social justice. Listen to the episode here: https://anchor.fm/organizing-ideas/episodes/Ep-16---Archival-Theory-Through-Participation--Solidarity--and-Social-Justice-with-Lara-Maestro-e9ugd6 You can check out more of Lara’s... Continue Reading →

Ep 15 – Catalyzing a Community Led Future at the Free Library of Philadelphia with Andrea Lemoins

Andrea Lemoins, Community Organizer at the Free Library of Philadelphia, talks about her work with community, professionalization, library school, Afrofuturism, Yusef Omowale’s article “We Already Are”, community archives, and an upcoming Memory Lab project. Listen to the episode here: https://anchor.fm/organizing-ideas/episodes/Ep-15---Catalyzing-a-Community-Led-Future-at-the-Free-Library-of-Philadelphia-with-Andrea-Lemoins-e9h4fm/AndreaLemoins-a16lumn Follow Andrea on twitter @ALemoins The reading list from the Community Archives and Digital Cultural... Continue Reading →

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