Ep 26 – Books and Feelings in the Time of COVID-19

Episode 26, in which Karen and Allison talk about their feelings during the midst of COVID-19, and books they’ve been reading and shows they’ve been watching in 2020 so far. Listen to the audio here: https://anchor.fm/organizing-ideas/episodes/Ep-26---Books-and-Feelings-in-the-Time-of-COVID-19-ed9ihc Read along with the transcript: https://tinyurl.com/y7nx8brh The cover art is done by our friend Andrea Lukic. You can reach... Continue Reading →

Ep 23 – How are you feeling? COVID-19 Call for Contributions

Hey folks - we hope this mini episode finds you as well as can be considering the current circumstances. We are putting together an episode COVID-19 and invite you to share your thoughts with us in a short audio clip! Find the full details about how to contribute by listening to the episode or reading... Continue Reading →

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