Ep 17 – Digital Privacy, Information Literacy, and the Library Freedom Institute with Symphony Bruce

Symphony Bruce, Resident Librarian at American University Library, shares her experience with the Library Freedom Institute, and talks to us about information literacy, digital privacy and safety, and how information is empowerment. Listen to the episode here: https://anchor.fm/organizing-ideas/episodes/Ep-17---Digital-Privacy--Information-Literacy--and-the-Library-Freedom-Institute-with-Symphony-Bruce-eacg03 Follow Symphony on Twitter @curlsinthelib Read along with the transcript (links to resources included): https://tinyurl.com/t4znf6f  The cover... Continue Reading →

Ep 15 – Catalyzing a Community Led Future at the Free Library of Philadelphia with Andrea Lemoins

Andrea Lemoins, Community Organizer at the Free Library of Philadelphia, talks about her work with community, professionalization, library school, Afrofuturism, Yusef Omowale’s article “We Already Are”, community archives, and an upcoming Memory Lab project. Listen to the episode here: https://anchor.fm/organizing-ideas/episodes/Ep-15---Catalyzing-a-Community-Led-Future-at-the-Free-Library-of-Philadelphia-with-Andrea-Lemoins-e9h4fm/AndreaLemoins-a16lumn Follow Andrea on twitter @ALemoins The reading list from the Community Archives and Digital Cultural... Continue Reading →

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